Peers Seattle
April 26-28th


Come Meet Your Peers

Rob Conery

My name is Rob Conery and I help developers of all sorts learn what's new with technology. I have been working in the technology field full time since 1998 as a DBA and then a web developer. My original focus was the Microsoft ASP.NET stack, building tools like Subsonic and the first Micro-ORM: Massive. Currently I'm working on MassiveJS, which is a dedicated PostgreSQL data access tool for Node. I ported this to Elixir and named it Moebius.

While not writing data access libraries, I like to write books. I just finished The Imposter's Handbook, which is a compendium of skills and concepts that you need to know as a self-taught programmer. Things like Complexity Theory (P vs NP), Big-O notation, Database theory, Algorithms and more. I tried to make it down to earth, using hand-drawn sketches and simple code samples.

I recently founded Big Machine, where I plan to keep writing/selling books and videos. Before that I did videos for Pluralsight, which bought my previous company

Session: How Complexity Theory Can Save Your Job