Peers Austin
April 25-27, 2018

Session: Team Craftsmanship: 20 Principles to Put People First Session: The Benefits of Embracing Design (and How Doing so is Easier Than You Think) Session: Don't Just 'Make the Logo Bigger': Creating Great Client Relationships Session: Customer Patterns: Successful strategies for working with different types of customers Session: How Transparency Empowers Your Team to be More Productive Session: Pulling up Your Legacy App by its Bootstraps! Session: Programming in Twig Session: Let’s Make JavaScript Great Again Session: Leveraging Laravel: Launching Side Projects Quickly With Laravel Session: Empathy marketing: why vulnerability is the greatest tool in your arsenal Session: The Things Unsaid Session: The Realities of Failure Session: The Network Effect of Creating One Job Workshop: Business Workshop Workshop: Craft Commerce Workshop: Modernizing your EE install - Best Practices to adapt your sites to ExpressionEngine 3 Workshop: Optimize your frontend workflow for large-scale web projects Session: Lunch on site Session: Closing Party Green Bench Brewery Session: EE + Git + Cap = Happiness Session: The Dao of Low Session: Why it's Time for Craft Session: Periódico Zócalo: Lessons learned while working with a high traffic EE site Session: Finding Balance Session: To grow or not to grow Workshop: Coding Workshop: Build a website with Craft Workshop: Coding Workshop - Dive into Laravel Session: Laravel for the CodeIgniter® Developer Session: Choosing the right CMS for the job Session: Stash, Template Partials, and You! The Why, the How, and the What-the-Hell Session: The Modern Web Developer's Toolkit Session: Building an add-on for Craft Workshop: Coding Workshop - Build a Website with Statamic Session: Framework Agnostisity with Composer Session: What’s Your Upgrade Path? Session: Time Allocation Formula for Creating a Viable Business Session: Devs and Depression Session: Why modern PHP is amazing, and how you can use it today Session: Building a SaaS app on an open source framework Session: Ending the pain of project work and embracing the art of collaboration Session: Using GitHub for More than Code Session: Confessions of an Apprehensive Technical Director Session: The Buffet approach: when the right tool for the job is one of everything Session: From Barter to Bitcoin: How we think about money and how it affects our business relationships. Session: Doing More by Doing Less Session: #Mistakes! Session: Demystifying the REST API Session: Sass: CSS With Superpowers Session: Content Modeling: Where Strategy, Design, and Tech Converge Session: Mobile app development options for web developers. Session: When It All Goes Wrong Session: Freelancer +1: How my first employee changed things forever Session: How Customers Hold the Secret to Your Success Session: Have Your Cake And Eat it Too: A Primer on Performance Session: Writing modern JavaScript today Session: Well, that didn't work. Session: The Importance of Side Projects Session: Developers and Communication Session: Everything I Really Needed to Know, I Learned in Rabbinical School Session: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Support Session: 'Shark Tank' Show & Tell Session: Be Your Own Angel (Investor). Session: Surviving Digital Overwhelm & Burn Out Session: Debugging our Feelings: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Developers Session: A Crash Course in Tech Management Session: “It won’t be a straight line.” Session: Technology's Role in 21st Century Humanitarian Leadership Session: Reality-Based Hiring Session: Dealing with Technical Debt – Lessons from the Field Session: How Complexity Theory Can Save Your Job Session: How Math and Star Trek Explain the Value of Team Diversity Session: Content-First Websites: From Theory to Reality Session: Beyond Fit: Why culture affects the bottom line Session: Server Admin for Web Developers Workshop: Creating a Living Style Guide Workshop Session: When developer must become designer; how to be a one-person UX team Workshop: Intro to Craft 3 - Workshop Workshop: Craft 3 Plugin Development - Workshop Workshop: ​Hands On Learning CSS Grid Workshop: ​Intro to GraphQL Workshop: Intro to building apps with React Workshop: ​Developing with Craft 3 Workshop: Business Workshop - Owner Support System Session: Building a reliable business development process Session: Venturing into the Unknown, or Managing Real-World Development Risk Session: Brute-Forcing Customer Acquisition with Cold Email Session: Developing a solid back-end API for mobile apps Session: Partnership Panel: Making Marriage and Business Work Session: Understanding Docker for Development Session: Productizing web services to stabilize business cash flow Session: So you're the Tech Lead? Now what? Session: How To Negotiate With Difficult Personalities Session: ​Designing Diversity and Inclusion Session: Intro to GatsbyJS Session: The Psychology of Fake News (and what tech can do about it) Session: Online, but Alone: a Case for In-person Communities Session: Lunch onsite Session: Day One Welcome Session: Day Two Welcome Session: Coffee & Registration