Pete Sena

Pete Sena
Founder, Digital Surgeons
Session: The UX of You. The Art and Science to Designing your Path.

Pete Sena is the founder and CEO of Digital Surgeons. Digital Surgeons is a global innovation and experience design company that accelerates business growth through experience design, creative marketing, and digital business model innovation. 

Pete is an entrepreneur in every sense. Equal parts scrappy, gritty, and antifragile. He has a sixth sense for predicting (and, in turn, preparing for) abrupt shifts in the digital climate (think Oracle from The Matrix!). Before LinkedIn Learning and high-speed internet, he taught himself how to code by referencing programming books (by hand) in the corner of a Barnes and Noble, because that was the type of education he could afford.

Pete likes to remix tried and true strategies with unconventional thinking, splicing together ideas from different worlds, cultures, and sectors to create a mashup that connects people on a human level. That’s how Digital Surgeons was created.