Matt Stauffer – 2016

Technical Director, Tighten

Presentation : Leveraging Laravel: Launching Side Projects Quickly With Laravel


Matt is an accomplished developer, teacher, writer, and communicator. Since the late 90s, Matt has been thinking deeply about coding practices, while continuously refining his craft. He combines an aptitude for big-picture thinking with serious development chops, honed in his professional practice and through his continuous onslaught of side projects.

In recent years, Matt has become deeply involved in the Laravel community, and his blog at has become required reading for Laravel developers and responsive designers alike. Matt is a regular speaker at Laracon, and he is currently writing a book entitled Laravel: Up and Running, to be published by O’Reilly media in 2016.

As technical director, Matt provides leadership on every client project, directs and mentors our growing development team, and leads all of Tighten’s internal product development efforts. Matt is fiercely passionate about work and life, and he keeps Tighten and our clients on their toes at all times.